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MIT, Standord and Harvard: Free remote web learning with the best universities in the world

The need to continue in school and university teaching (but not only) has in fact led, as known, to a massive diffusion of the practice of e-learning, with schools, universities and training institutions that have adapted, often with difficulties, to the “new and temporary course” of training: it is news yesterday that 94% of university courses active in Italy are now taking place online.

However, there have already been several web learning experiences for some time that give users from all over the world the opportunity to connect from their own home to follow courses of various kinds and types for free. Among these, we must undoubtedly mention two of the most interesting experiences on the subject: we are talking about the edX and Coursera platforms, realities animated by some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

The edX web learning platform, for example, has the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University among its founders. Founded already in 2011, edX has a training offer that ranges from scientific disciplines to humanities and social sciences, providing training courses thanks to the contribution of over 110 partners active in the world of education.

Artificial intelligence, and neural networks. How an Artificial Neural Network works (explained simply)

The human brain is the largest learning mechanism on the planet. Thanks to experience, we are able to predict the effects that could arise from certain actions and circumstances, and to exploit them to our advantage. So from an early age we learn not to put our hands on the fire or to peel a fruit to savor its flavor.
It is not surprising, in fact, that the goal of many scientists has been to identify the mechanisms that lie behind the functioning of the human brain, in order to be able to artificially reproduce them on machines capable of carrying out more and more tasks independently. complex.
An Artificial Neural Network is an algorithm of the Machine Learning discipline that allows a computer to mimic the functioning of the human brain in order to learn from experience and be able to predict a result starting from certain surrounding situations. This allows a machine to perform, in complete autonomy, roles that were previously intended exclusively for the human being; such as driving a vehicle, answering a phone, or diagnosing a disease.

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TPU: Tensor Processing Unit
Google has decided to call this new processor Tensor Processing Unit (TPU) as it was designed to support TensorFlow, which is the software engine developed by Google at the basis of all the company’s services that take advantage of a deep learning approach.
The TPU unit – a name that closely resembles that of CPUs and GPUs – is in fact an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), that is a processor with an architecture designed to perform well-defined tasks and in this case specific to the functioning of automatic learning systems. This type of system – consisting of a combination of hardware and software – is able to learn to perform specific tasks through the analysis of a vast amount of data. Google has been using machine learning network technology for some time to offer services such as those relating to the recognition of objects and faces within photographic images, voice recognition and the translation of texts from one language to another. Google secretly started experimenting with TPUs about a year ago within its data centers, noting the possibility of obtaining an order of magnitude better performance per watt than other computing solutions used to create computers and services with the ability to learning.

GPUs Analysis

The release of Intel Arc GPUs could improve a market ravaged by mining
The Santa Clara giant is now busy advertising Intel Arc GPUs, particularly after the recent announcement (and some rumors). The fact that Gelsinger claims he wants to put pressure on Nvidia bodes well, but it could also be the typical phrases of circumstance.

The question now is: how is Intel going to persuade consumers to buy its GPUs? Will the company offer aggressive prices? Or will the GPUs be faster than the rumors suggest?

The current prices of graphics cards are ridiculous to say the least, so no special marketing strategies would be needed to place them on customers. On the other hand, there is the risk that even the latter will end up in the hands of the miners.

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Updated news on digital transformation
Not all organizations are yet clear what Digital Transformation means; many projects have not given the desired results. A digital foundation is needed to build on a solid foundation a personalized path to IT modernization and cloud adoption. Read the latest news on digital transformation

Tools for marketing and Tools for professionals in the sector.

The web offers thousands of tools for both free and paid digital marketers. With such a range of options, selecting the best tools for your needs can be a long and complex process. To make life a little easier, we have put together a list of the best digital marketing tools that we use every day within WebJet.

Digital Marketing Drives Results
With such a large selection of digital marketing tools that the internet offers it is important to know which of them truly lead to the intended results.

Every year new online tools and programs to download come out and it is for this reason that we have decided to present some tools that we have tested over years of work!